Hands-on training that you will use... every day!


Use your website better in your meetings with prospects and clients
Use your email stats to engage with clients who want to hear from you most
Make LinkedIn work for your business


Find out how to use your website, blogs and other key communication elements in a professional and value-adding way in every meeting - whether it's with a client or a prospect.


From logging in and editing clients to knowing what stats count most, how best to use those stats and how to create your own bonus campaigns - this module is your own personal quickstart for MailChimp.


Master the basics of building a strategic network, increasing and driving engagement with our 3-Minute LinkedIn Strategy. Social Media needs to be used properly in order to benefit your overall online brand.

Our online training is different.

We use YOUR website, YOUR blogs, YOUR LinkedIn and YOUR Mailchimp account. Everything applies to what you have in place, it's not based on abstract principles that may not apply to your online communication.


The four key elements of online communication for Financial Planners
How it all works
Streamline online - optimizing your browser
Website orientation
Using your website in client meetings


Mailchimp orientation
List segmentation tricks
Reading reports to grow your business
Creating a campaign on the fly
Editing contacts



LinkedIn Strategy for Financial Planners
The three-minute LinkedIn Strategy
Building your targeted network
Creating templates for personal engagement

We are creating content for you, but are you using this to the fullest potential?

Our goal is to help you stay in touch with your clients in a valuable and meaningful way and believe that you could be using the blogs that we write for your website to create more business opportunities for you on LinkedIn - and use the stats from your monthly newsletters to build your business.


I attended Tim's monthly course which covered using your website effectively, managing Mailchimp and navigating LinkedIn. Tim has an incredible ability to teach FA's how to communicate with their clients in a manner in which provokes response and engagement. Tim understands the Financial Advisor/Planner world very well and we value Tim's input and guidance in managing our client communications policy. We have had some great interactions with clients due to Tim's guidance.

Jason Nicol

Independent Financial Advisor

Thanks for this training, it was really interesting and gave me a great idea as to how powerful and effective the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogging and the website can be in providing opportunities for new lines of business. The course material was concise and well put together to give a high level view of capabilities and areas that with a bit of practice, strategic thinking and implementation will result in a connected network of customers that generate new leads and ongoing business.

Alan Hardaker

Certified Financial Planner

I have spent the last three weeks with Tim where he taught three of us at NLD how to make the best use of our website, blogs, Mailchimp and social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. Tim definitely knows what he is talking about, and has a great talent to teach what he knows. I am excited to implement what I've learned from him! If you see the importance of integrating social media and a good website into the way you communicate with clients, do yourself a favour and get Tim onboard!

Cherise Enslin

Paraplanner & Independent Advisor under Supervision

Tim has helped our business set up a great new website, he produces our blog content and monthly newsletters. We recently attended his online training sessions, helping us better understand and leverage our online presence. I found this very helpful and informative; Tim has the ability to demystify very foreign concepts and bring the message across in a quick and efficient manner. Highly recommended!

Bryan Nicol

Financial Advisor

Tim has a talent for words, he also understand the financial industry and the challenges that advisors struggle with. He was able to move me forward in the world of social media. I thank you Tim for making it easy for me and guiding me along the way. May your business prosper because of your unique way of interaction.

Mariette Tappan

First Certified Financial Transitionist™

Tim has been a revelation for us. His advice and recommendations are relevant and effective. His work on our marketing material is on point and timeous. Most importantly, he’s a pleasure to work with and understands the needs of our business.

Thanks Tim, may our relationship grow from strength to strength!

Ebrahim S Moola

Financial Planning & Investing for Successful Living

Hi Tim, your training session on Wednesday this week was great. I thought I had a fair understanding of the work we were going to cover but I soon realised that I actually knew very little. A standout for me was using my own brand new website (thanks !), mailchimp, LinkedIn, etc to learn. This made it highly personal and practical, especially with the good location and small group. I was very impressed by your depth of knowledge and passion for your work. I came out of the workshop with tons of very practical and easily implementable ideas which I am currently working on. I highly recommend this for any Advisors wanting to improve their online presence. Thanks Tim !

Neil Phillips

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Make sure you are getting the most out of your online brand.


All modules are run through Zoom
(chat to us if you'd like a 10 minute intro to Zoom).

Each module is about 1 hour.

Only 8 delegates will be admitted to each module to keep session personalised and value-adding.


Each module costs R975 incl VAT (non-SA: US$90)

Dates to be confirmed upon booking


Venue: Capital International | Great Westerford
Address: 240 Main Road, Rondebosch
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EARLY BIRD: R1750 ex VAT p/p
COST: R2500 ex VAT p/p

Discounted rates for teams or office training are available.


Date: April 7th, 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 09:30-12:30

Seats are limited to 8 delegates

(EARLY BIRD registration closes on March 13th)


Date: TBC
Time: 09:30-12:30

Venue: The Lounge 404 | The Woodstock Exchange
Address: 66 - 68 Albert Road, Woodstock
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Cost per delegate: R2500 ex VAT
Discounted rates for teams or office training are available.


Date: TBC
Time: 09:30-12:30

Venue: TBC
Address: Summit Place, 221 Garsfontein Drive, Menlyn, Pretoria

Cost per delegate: R2500 ex VAT
Discounted rates for teams or office training are available.

If you are in a different city, please let us know on the form below.
If there is enough interest in your city (20 or more) we can arrange a training session near you!


Places are limited to 8 delegates per workshop.
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