Images and text to use for LinkedIn

As one of our Contatto clients, these images are made exclusively for you to use on social media to promote awareness around topping up retirement savings.


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There are only a few days left to maximise your retirement savings contributions for the current tax year. Chat to me if you need help!

Retirement savings offer you tax deductions of up to 27.5% of your taxable income and is capped at R350 000 per year. This means that if your contributions for this past tax year are less than that, you could be missing out on a valuable tax deduction!

Remember, properly structured retirement fund benefits are protected from creditors and all growth in the fund is tax-free.

If you’d like to enjoy a potentially significant tax saving, then reply to this email without further delay. Some funds require us to submit transactions before the 16th of February!

If it’s not going to happen for you right now, let’s set up an appointment to plan towards increasing your existing retirement savings structures from March going forward and prepare early for 2019!